Alicia Weagel

Teal and Gold Flutter

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Function and beauty come together in a series of flutter bowls made by local artist Alicia Weagl. Sea Blue Flutter features bright blue lines that mimick the movement of waves. Topped with a sparkle of gold this bowl is very reminiscent of the sea hore. 


Artist: Alicia Weagel

Height: 3"

Width: 10"

Alicia Weagel has worked with many mediums of art before settling into glassblowing; including printmaking, ceramics, painting, illustration, metalworking, and woodworking. For Alicia, creating is a meditation, and as important to mental health as it is to spiritual health.

This series of glass sculptures explore color and form, and experiment with the challenging medium of hot glass. Her subject matter reflects the medium of glass- a liquid given form, much like the fluidity of water and what life water contains. Sea life is beautiful, scary, and otherworldly- and so interesting- because of its vast difference from the experience of living in Minnesota.