Robinson Scott

Open Vase: Blue with Multicolored Powder

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The interior of this piece is a punchy Lapis Lazuli blue, with an overlay of painterly powdered glass that is reminiscence of abstract, color field paintings of the 1960s. Handmade by local artists.


Artist: Robinson Scott

Height: 10.75"

Width: 11"

Depth: 7.5"


"After over 45 years of working with glass, I still walk into the studio with eagerness and anticipation.  Glass, by its own nature, is an incredible and ideal material to work with, because many of its best qualities are present before creative ideas are expressed in it. The possibilities it offers are never-ending. As I have worked with glass over the years, I am impressed with how much I continue to learn. The techniques and applications not only seem limitless, the fact has become painfully obvious that I will run out of time on earth before I run out of ideas for creative expression in this material. Each time I pick up a blowpipe, I pursue difference and personal perfection in form and design. I enjoy the challenge of change, ever striving to learn new designs, techniques, and approaches in glass. There are times when I am so inspired by a day’s work that I can hardly wait to return to the studio the next day to see my results and begin working again. Glass is perpetual that way. Each day with it, each experience with it, stimulates ideas and motivates me to further test, expand, and explore my abilities. During these years, I have come to know many members of the glassblowing community. I thoroughly enjoy being part of this vast group of such diversely talented and creative people. I greatly enjoy the experiences and richness my association with glass has brought into my life." -Robinson Scott