Craig Campbell

Red Rim Gather

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Sold as a set this grouping of clear vessels with red rims are impeccable. Created by blowing clear glass into a optic mold and then adding a thing strand of read glass to the very outer edge this still life is  pure beauty. 



Artist: Craig Campbell

Height: 7 "

Width: 16"

“Glass is my medium of choice because of its unrelenting demands, ability to take on sculptural shape, and a range of colors that seduce my eye as they catch the light.”

Over forty years of hot glass experience fuels Crag Campbell’s glass designs. Some major influences have been a year of study in Denmark, four years as an associate art professor, and especially working in the Midwest community of glass artists. This community encourages and supports each other in our individual pursuit of a glass “voice” unique to our region. Craig’s work is characterized by monochromatic jewel tone designs, and is dependent on controlled form, and uses visually impactful surface etchings. The addition of precious and semiprecious metals such as electroplated copper and brass, and the use of gold and silver leaf, gives Craig’s work stimulation to the brain as well as the eye. Craig has created large scale installations, as well as architectural and function glass art pieces, as well as custom designs for the corporate incentive market.