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Andy Rock

Mounted Glass Fish Sculpture

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This expressive glass fish sculpture features soft, painterly greens reminiscent of Minnesota's lake and river pike, bass and walleye.

This piece is representational, but also brings to life the philosophy of fluidity the artist ascribes to. Andy's work is inspired by the natural world and the elements that make it up.  Andy is an avid hunter and fisherman, which has inspired him to create this series of fish sculptures.

Height:  13.5 in.

Width: 21 in.

Artist: Andy Rock

"...[Glass] induces elements of wind, water, fire, earth and gravity together in a creative process as taxing as it is fulfilling..." "...I have strived to develop a fluid philosophical approach that is open to mistakes, adaptation and change allowing for space to grow. The energy imparted into my work forged by interacting with the elements shines as an individual statement in each piece." 

Andy Rock is a local artist living in Plymouth, MN with his wife, Kacy and his four kids. Andy first starting glassblowing at Anoka Ramsey Community College, then he has taught himself and working with other artists. In addition to glass blowing Andy has been working with ceramics since 1999, and he runs his ceramic studio from his home.