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Vandalia Glassworks

Saturday, January 14th 2023 - Blow Your Own Paperweight 10 a.m.

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Saturday, January 14th from 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Tickets for Saturday classes are nonrefundable and are only good for the date scheduled. Please purchase tickets for the total number of people attending. 

If you’ve never tried glassblowing before, it can be intimidating at first. After all, you’ll be dealing with large furnaces with temperatures that reach over 2000 degrees. We’ve designed this class with the beginner in mind so that anyone can experience the art for themselves, no matter their skill level. A paperweight is a perfect project for first-timers to try out glassblowing.

Under the guidance of an instructor, students will experience how glass is manipulated and formed into a simple shape. Creating a glass paperweight teaches the fundamentals of gathering, coloring, shaping and transferring the piece off of the blowpipe.