Bryce Borkhuis

Green Nebula

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Swirling whirling tones that mimic the northern lights top this cylindrical vase. The base has a textured look to mimic treas and the blue ambient sky is highlighted by flecks of silver leafing. This vase is simply captivating. 


Artist: Bryce Borkhuis

Height: 16.75"

Width: 6.75"

Bryce is inspired to create glass art by the challenging nature of the medium- there is nothing quite like working glass. Bryce is the co-owner of Vandalia Glassworks, and has been with the company since 2016. He started in the business side of Vandalia, and quickly became an integral part of the Vandalia glassblowing community. He is originally from Watertown, SD and has studied in Phoenix, AZ; Sioux Falls, SD; and at Inver Hills Community College here in Inver Grove Heights,