Monica McGarry Jones

Golden Vessel

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This painting was inspired by a piece Monica's husband created out of glass. Like Monica, Bob is inspired by nature and this painting plays well with the nature theme. 

Artist: Monica McGarry Jones

Height: 30"

Width: 24"

Monica spends much of her time on the St. Croix River- bordering Minnesota and Wisconsin- fishing, camping, and kayaking. She watches the river daily and is exposed to the ever-changing beauty the river reveals to her. This has inspired her and how she approaches her paintings. Under every painting lies many layers of change. Nature is by far her favorite subject and she chases that subject at every opportunity she can. She works primarily with acrylic with some mixed media. She also finds working with glass can be just as rewarding. Hot molten glass takes on many of the same changes she loves to create. She collaborates with her husband, glassblower Bob Jones, on many sculptures and hand-blown glass pieces which they love to create together. She works to find the spiritual essence of the shapes and lines in a subject matter and strives to capture the changes and struggles of each of her subjects.