Noel Clary

Electric Iris Bulb Vase

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A burst of shape and color, this stunning vase captures the viewer and transports their imagination. With its rolling curves and multi-color body, this vase is polished with an electrifying lip wrap.  


Handmade by local glass artists in our Saint Paul studio. 

Height: 7.25" 
Width: 6"

Artist: Noel Clary

"Born 1987, Based in Saint Paul, MN I like to think my glass work resembles myself, weird but in a pleasant way. There are many pairings that work well in the world, and even more that don't. My work lies in the middle. Where it shouldn't really work but, for some, it really does. By using bright modern colors contrasted against classical forms and designs, I feel I capture a little of this weirdness in my work. Glassblowing has captivated me for almost a decade. Like many art forms, there is a therapy to it. Many pieces that I attempt will not make it through the process. Some will simply not turn out the way I envisioned, others will literally crash and burn. Learning to let go and move on to the next piece is a large part of glass blowing to me. As well, when working with hot glass I can only focus on the task at hand. All of my senses are overloaded with sounds, smells, and sights. Yet somehow my brain keeps me on task and once in a while allows me to turn a liquid blob into something someone might say is a little bit weird but in a pleasant way."