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Hannah White-McGinn

Cultivated Contemplation

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This solid hot sculpted glass sculpture is meant to represent the potential that each person has to create their own paridies.   

Height: 11"

Width: 10"

Artist: Hannah White-McGinn

"Art has always been a passion of mine. With the support of my family, I studied glass and metal sculpture at the University of  Wisconsin River-Falls. I chose River-Falls because of the proximity it had to my extended family who are farmers in Pierce County. My work reflects a merging of my love for the land and affinity for glass sculpture. My Bonsai tree series harkens back to a time when I felt things were simpler and I could contemplate the little joys around me found in the tree groves that surround my grandparent’s farm.  I hope to bring this sentiment and a feeling of calm to those who view my work.”