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We offer a different spin to the traditional wedding sand ceremony. Trading sand for glass, the couple has a number of different color options to chose from, whether they be the wedding colors or simply their favorites.


The couple can shop our gallery for inspiration for their final piece, choosing from vases, bowls, platter, ornaments or sculptures. Pricing is broken down into two categories; color and the final piece you choose. Couples purchase the color (frit) at our studio and mix it together at the ceremony. Once mixed, the color (frit) will be used to create the the final piece of your choosing.

Pricing will vary upon the color and final piece chosen. Color (frit) pricing varies between $9-$23 per color. There can be up to four colors chosen to be mixed at the ceremony.  We will recommend what color combinations work well together to ensure the most beautiful final piece for you to cherish.

The average cost can range from $120 to $350 depending on what you choose to have made with your ceremony color (frit).  The experience will create a lasting memory while reminding you of your commitment you have to each other and will be a beautiful piece of art in your home.

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