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St. Paul Glass Studio Rental

Hot shop rental rate is $35/ hour for both our small and large glory holes. 

Cold Shop rental for non renters: $15/Hour




 Hot Shop: Cold Shop:
2 135lb Wet Dog Furnaces Lap Wheel
2 Front Loading Annealers Grit Wheel
1 15" Glory Hole Gloria Sand Blaster
1 21" Glory Hole Julio Gryphon Studio Grinder


Kiln Rental

 Olympic GF214 "Randy"       

$30/Cycle Excludes Casting

Inside Dimensions: 18"X18"X13.5"

Olympic 3018 (Temp Out Of Service)

$35/Cycle Excludes Casting

Inside Dimensions 42"X30"X20"


 5lbs/Hour for glass use  - Overages: $2 per pound/Hour

Propane Torch: $2.50/Hour

Oxy/Propane Torch: $3.50/Hour 

Personal Assistance: $10/Hour