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Studio Rental 

Studio Hours:

Monday - Thursday: 10 a.m. - 8p.m.

Friday: 10 a.m. - 6p.m.

Saturdays: Call for Availability 

Hot Shop


Shop Assistant




Cold Shop


Hot Shop

  • 5lbs of glass per hour - Overages: $2.50 per pound over
  • Propane Torch - $2.50 per hour

  • Oxy/Propane Torch - $4.50 per hour

  • Garage - $10 per hour


  • (2) 400lb electric Wet Dog Furnaces currently using Spruce Pine batch. 

  • (3) 36" Wet Dog Front Loading Annealers

  • "Gloria" 15" Gloryhole

  • "Diego" 18" Gloryhole

  • "Julio" 21" Gloryhole

Shop Policies

  • Rental slot minimums are 3 hours unless piggy backed off another slot. Time booked is time paid unless discussed with shop staff.

  • Time slots booked online are done no later than 6p.m. the day before. If booking outside that time frame, please call and leave a message.

  • Renters of all skill levels are welcome. New renters must go through an orientation with a staff member before scheduling blow time. 

Shop Assistant

A member of the Vandalia team is available to rent for hourly assistance. This can be set up by stopping in or speaking with a shop member over the phone. This price is for assistance only. If you are looking for a mentorship, please talk with our staff to schedule. 


  • 1 - Carlisle CC#3
  • 1 - GTT Phantom

  • 1 - GTT Lynx

  • 4 - Bethlehem Alphas

  • Torches are rented hourly 

  • Studio tools are available to use

  • Artists must supply their own glass to melt

Cold Shop

  • 24" Lapidary Wheel w/ various wheels
  • 16" Loose Grit Wheel

  • Table Top Wet Belt Sander

  • 10" Felt and Cork Wheel 

  • 36" Standing Sand Blaster

Vandalia Glassworks strives to keep a safe, clean, positive, and creative working environment for all artists. We take great pride in keeping our shop in good condition. Vandalia Glassworks has the right to turn away any artist neglecting the equipment or creating an unsafe space for others. For more information on the Hot Shop please give us a call at (651) 744-0000 or send us an email to info@vandaliaglassworks.com.

The Hot Shop