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Covid & Glassblowing


Due to the current spread of Covid-19, Vandalia Glassworks will be implementing changes to the way we offer glassblowing classes.


  • Classes are being limited to groups no larger than 6 students to ensure students can keep a safe distance between one another. 

  • Pipes, tools, and benches will be sanitized after each use and will not be shared between students. 

  • Pipe tips will be provided for students interested in taking more advanced level classes that require blowing.

  • Students will be allowed to provide their own LEATHER gloves that allow for easy movement with their wrists and fingers.

  • Vandalia Glassworks will not be allowing any use of LATEX or RUBBER gloves. Due to the extreme heat used in making work, we cannot have gloves melting to your skin.

  • Students will be allowed to provide their own face mask if they wish. Your instructor will be in close contact with you to help keep a safe working environment. 

Vandalia Glassworks has the right to turn away any students who are showing any signs on illness no matter the underlying cause. If students are feeling ill, classes can be rescheduled as far into the future as needed. 

Vandalia Glassworks can be reaching at (651) 744-0000 or info@vandaliaglassworks.com