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Looking for a Glassblowing Class in St. Paul?

For the first-time glass blower or even the experienced artist, our studio is fully-equipped to help you enter the world of glassblowing. Our instructors will guide you on how to manipulate the molten glass to create beautiful ornaments and open your eyes the possibilities in a safe and controlled environment.

Receive One-On-One Guidance from Our Instructors

Safety is our number one priority, especially in an environment such as a glassblowing studio. Classes will be led by an instructor who will work with each and every student. The classes start with a demonstration on how to safely move around the studio as well as how to use the various tools and equipment. This is to ensure that no one will be injured during the course of the lessons and that every student will learn as much as they can from the class.

Learn to Use the Same Tools and Practices as Expert Glassblowing Artists

Our studio has everything students need to experience the entire process from start to finish. Students will also handle the same equipment that artists use to create beautiful glass sculptures.

Using a blowpipe, the molten glass will be gathered from the main furnace. It will then be manipulated using tools such as tweezers, diamond sheers, picks and straight sheers.

During this shaping and coloring process, the glass will be reheated multiple times using a second furnace called the glory hole. Once the desired shape has been achieved, the glass will be removed from the end of the blowpipe and transferred to the third and final furnace called the annealing oven. There, it will be cooled slowly over a period of 20 hours or more.

Once the finished piece is properly cooled, students can take home a beautiful piece of art made with their own two hands.

Vandalia Glassworks offers two glass blowing classes right here in our St. Paul Studio.

Start Your Journey with Our Paperweight Glassblowing Class

If you’ve never tried glassblowing before, it can be intimidating at first. After all, you’ll be dealing with large furnaces with temperatures that reach over 2000 degrees. We’ve designed this class with the beginner in mind so that anyone can experience the art for themselves, no matter their skill level. A paperweight is the perfect project for first-timers to try out glassblowing.

Under the guidance of an instructor, students will experience how glass is manipulated and formed into a simple shape. Creating a glass paperweight teaches the fundamentals of gathering, coloring, shaping and transferring the piece off of the blowpipe.

Paperweight Glass Blowing Class: $60

Learn more about our paperweight class.

Take the Next Step with Our Cup/Tumbler Glassblowing Class

For those with prior glassblowing experience, our intermediate level classes are available to expand your skills. Instead of a paperweight, students will be creating a cup or tumbler that can be used as a one of a kind drinking glass.

Like our beginner classes, students will be working with an instructor to design and blow their cup or tumbler. The piece will allow students to experience working on shapes that require more complex manipulation of the molten glass. This class will also provide a glimpse of the skills that needed in order to create more sophisticated sculptures.

Let glass be the medium to express your creativity. Whether you’re an aspiring artist or you’re simply curious, we’re always excited to share the art of glassblowing. Give Vandalia Glassworks a call at (651) 744-0000 and schedule a class today.

Cup/Tumbler Glass Blowing Class: $80

Learn more about the Cup/Tumbler Class.

Experience The Unique Art Form Of Glassblowing

Glassblowing has existed since the time of the Roman Empire in the 1st century BC. Over the course of two millennia, the techniques have been developed and refined into the modern art form it is today. Here at Vandalia Glassworks, we provide special classes for those interested in learning how to create their own piece of glass art.