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Scheduling A Class

Classes can be scheduled over the phone at a time that best fits your schedule. Classes are pre-paid and must be scheduled within 90 days of purchasing. Classes are non-refundable. 

Our number one concern for each class is that every student understands the basic safety precautions we must all take to ensure no one is injured during the lesson.

The cup/tumbler class is considered our intermediate class. It is best to have some glass blowing experience prior to making a drinking glass.

Each class starts with a tour of our studio, where we will teach you how to maneuver throughout the hot shop safely. Your instructor will demonstrate how to handle the blow pipe and tools properly to ensure no one is burnt.

Cup/Tumbler Glass Blowing Class: $90

Applying frit on the glass table druing a glassblowing class

Steps for Handblowing a Cup:

1.) Glass is gathered out of the furnace at 2,050 degrees. It will then be brought over to the color table and ‘frit’ or ‘color’ will be applied to the clear glass.

2.) After the color is applied, it will then be melted into the clear glass in the glory hole at 2,150 degrees.

3.) Once the color is melted in with the clear glass, you will bring the hot glass back to the bench, where you will sit and maneuver the color to design the look of your tumbler. You will be back and forth from your bench as many times as needed to get the color mixed in the preferred design.

4.) After the color is mixed, the glass will be papered into a q-tip like shape off the end of the blow pipe and the bubble will be formed. The glass will then be cooled, and the third and final coat of glass will be gathered.

5.) The glass with then be papered back into shape and the bubble will be expanded.

6.) The tumbler will be heated and the ‘jack-line’ or ‘scoreline’ will be created. Your instructor will assist you to ensure the jack-line is created off the end of the blowpipe. This jack-line will act as the transfer point of your piece.

7.) Once the jack-line is created, you will continue blowing out your shape. This will take place over a few different heats to get the bottom of the cup the appropriate shape and size.

8.) Once the bottom of the piece has been made, it will then be attached to a ‘punty’ and broke off at the jack-line. The piece will then be trimmed and opened with the jacks to the appropriate width. The piece will then be cooled, taken off the punty, and placed in the annealer.

The annealer will be at 920 degrees and will slowly decrease in temperature over the coarse on 18 hours. Cooling the glass at a slow pace will release the stress out of the glass so it does not crack or shatter.

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