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Classes - Vandalia Glassworks

Grant Garmezy - Hot Glass Sculpting

Class Description: 

Explore the potential of working with hot glass as a sculptural medium. This class will focus on special techniques and approaches to solid and blown sculpting that can take your sculpture to the next level by demonstrating the range and freedom the material has and showing its true potential. We will bring sculptures to life using a variety of torches and sculpting techniques, which include solid sculpting, inside sculpting, bit building, color application, garage use, and most importantly teamwork. Problem solving will be emphasized, and you are encouraged to bring in images of forms you are interested in recreating.


Raised on a farm outside of Nashville, Tennessee, Grant Garmezy began his artistic career from a very young age working with metal and clay. He discovered glass in 2003 and has since been using the sculptural medium to create highly realistic masterpiece work influenced by his love for the south. Garmezy now lives and works in Richmond, Virginia as a professional glass artist. Garmezy has received numerous awards for his works that can be seen both in museums nationally and internationally.

Class Dates: April 23-28th with a closing party and open demo on Saturday, April 29th

There are only six spots for persons who wish to take the class. Because we will be working on advanced glassblowing/sculpting techniques one to two years glassblowing experience required. 

Cost: $650 

Paid observation (no class participation) seats will be available as well. No experience necessary. 

Cost: $100

***Class participation and paid observation spots will go up for sale at 12PM on February 1st and will be honored on a "first come first serve" basis***


 **Special** $60 paperweight lessons!

You and your instructor will work together to create a solid, sculpted, or blown vessel of your choosing and will take approximately one hour per person with all tools and color provided. 

If you have any questions or would like to set up a lesson time, email us at or call (651)-744-0000.




Paper Weight - Work one-on-one with your glassblowing instructor to design and create a solid work of art. The paperweight is the most fun and forgiving piece for first time glass blowers.

Groups: 1-4

Cost: $70 per person

To schedule a class: call (651) 744-0000




Cup/Tumbler - Work one-on-one with your instructor to design and blow your very own drinking glass.

Groups: 1-4

Cost: $90 per person

To schedule a class: call (651) 744-0000