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About - Vandalia Glassworks | Glassblowing Studio In Minnesota | Established 2015

Today we are the home to a state of the art hot glass shop and cold working facility as well as a 1,200 square foot gallery. Our goal is to provide working artists in our area a complete facility to create, sell, and share their creations. We are offering small classes for individuals, couples, and small groups to introduce the art of glass blowing. We provide a warm and welcoming facility for all age groups and levels of glassblowers with the perfect balance of instruction and assistance.


Hot shop rental rate is $35/ hour for both our small and large glory holes. Returning renters have access to our cold shop, which includes the lap wheel, grit wheel, wet saw, and sandblaster.  Cold Shop rental for non-glass blowers is $15/hour.  
Our Hot Shop is currently equipped with:
  • 2 - 135-pound Wet Dog furnaces
  • 2 - Front loading Wet dog annealers
  • 1 - 15" glory hole (Gloria)
  • 1 - 21" glory hole (Julio)
  • 1 - Wet Dog Garage