We will be closed Friday November 25th and Saturday November 26th 2022


Vandalia Glassworks is an independent glass studio located in South St. Paul, Minnesota. 

The studio is located in a revitalized area of South Saint Paul and is a state of the art facility, offering local glass artists rental time in combination with offering Blow Your Own Glass classes. The studio is also expanding its own product line and is accompanied by a gallery displaying work from many local artists.



Primarily, we make it, sometimes we break it, and we sell it. Creating beautiful art from fire is something that is inspiring to many, yet it is an ancient skill that few practice today. Vandalia Glassworks provides a complete hot shop and cold shop to glass artists in the Twin Cities area. Paired with a gallery space that houses an eclectic display of those artists' work. Vandalia Glassworks offers a unique option for anyone looking for a gift, a splash of color in their decor or fun utilitarian products.

The Blow Your Own Glass classes are a great way for any glass aficionado or adventurer to try their hand at making their own glass creation. Whether it be a colorful paperweight or a pint glass perfect for any beverage, the student is sure to get a taste of the glassblowing allure. Vandalia Glassworks provides aspiring artists (or the simply curious) a hands-on experience in the hot shop. Using the same tools and techniques that have been around for centuries, a Blow Your Own Glass class is the perfect balance of instruction and assistance to try out the craft.