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Looking for some color inspiration?

Where do we start the process? What colors work better together than others? How many can we use?

Choosing your color combinations can be the hardest part of the process. We are here to help narrow down some options. To start, do you have a color palette in mind? With a variety of combinations available, your colors can be tailored to your ceremony, to match your home decor, or simply your personal favorites. 

Color Combination:

Christmas Red, Opal Sea Blue,

Light Tobacco, & White

Color Combination:

Reddish Amethyst, Aquamarine, 

Beryl Green, & White

Color Combination:

Sargasso, Gold Aventurine,

& White 

What exactly is glass frit and how do I know  how it will turn out?

Glass Color or "Frit"

Glass color or "Frit" is what glassblowers use to color our work. These pieces of Frit come in a variety of different sizes, starting from a powder, to the size of small coin. For your Unity Ceremony, we use both size F1 & F2. Using small & medium size pieces help to create a more dimensional effect within the finished work of art. 

There are two main categories when it comes to glass color: Opaque & Transparent.

Opaque colors are not going to allow any light to pass through them. Imagine trying to look through a piece of ceramic or stone. Transparent colors are going to be see through, much like a piece of wax paper or your favorite glass of wine. 

What makes a good color combination? 

Do I have to worry about my colors mixing like paints?

The Truth Behind Colors

A good color combination stems from a couple different things.

1.)  Mixing both opaque and transparent colors

The idea behind this is to help create a dimensional effect but truthfully, it all comes down to personal preference. Each color has its own characteristics. Specifically, some being more dominant in nature than others. 

2.) Using complimentary colors

White and Ivory are almost always going to be a nice addition to help transparent colors come to life Depending on your color palette, there will be other options of complimentary colors. In addition, more transparent colors you overlap, the darker the piece is going to become.

What makes a good color combination? 

Do I have to worry about my colors mixing like paints?

The Truth Behind Colors: Continued 

Colors are made up of different minerals and metal oxides. When too many colors are mixed, reactions can start happening, then BOOM, you have a totally different color than expected. It is better to stick to 3-4 colors to keep reactions to a minimum.  

It is a good idea to start the color selection process with some form of color palette in mind. It could be your ceremony colors, personal favorites, etc. The color wheel is another great place to start, but keep in mind, glass colors are not necessarily going to mix like paints. Having blue and yellow in the same piece is not going to create green. 

Color Combination:

Cranberry Pink, Amethyst, 

Opal Bright Pink, Opal Violet, 

& White

Color Combination:

Deep Blue, Lagoon, 

& White

Color Combination:

Gold Ruby Extra, Gold Aventurine,

Opal Bright Pink, & White

Who do I 

talk to?

Can I send some 

inspiration photos?

We Are Here To Help

Colors can be tricky and we are here to help! To start, you can fill out the form below with any questions you may have. You can also send us a message through the chat icon on the lower level of the screen or reach us at (651) 744-0000.

If you are not sure where to start, feel free to send us some inspiration photos! We can help narrow down some color options to match floral bouquets or bridal party attire. 

Additional Color Inspiration

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