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Pumpkin and Spice

It's that time of year again…crisp morning and evening air. Labor Day has come and gone, the leaves are beginning to turn and it’s got you thinking about digging up those sweaters and flannels. Before you know it, we’ll all be reaching for pumpkin and spice EVERYTHING.

Pumpkin and spice everything is nice and all, and I enjoy that as much as the next person. But my favorite thing about fall? The colors. The majestic crimson and gold, amber and burnt orange, I LOVE fall colors.
 Enter fall décor. Surrounded by brilliant colors that nature provides, one must step it up in our homes. What passed for the steamy, sticky summer days, simply wont do for our crisp air and pumpkin spice latte’s. We need a fresh, crisp and gorgeous color palate to compliment our changing moods.  We need just as much color indoors as we are starting to see in the sweaters and leggings creeping into our wardrobes.
How does one attain this magnificent color swath? Fall flowers are a beautiful place to begin. Mums are an easy and obvious choice, and yet, there are a multitude of fresh blooms to adorn your home. Dahlias, marigolds, zinnias and asters all promise a tantalizing color pop. Why not add in some straw and hay? Be nostalgic for the hayrides and bonfires of your youth and decorate your tabletop with some burlap and add the crowning jewel; a glass pumpkin.
 Going for orange and amber tones? Choose a more traditional pumpkin to your stage. Loving the teals, purples and golds? Perhaps a pumpkin on the whimsy side will do the trick. The glass pumpkin is a wonderful way to add sophistication and sheen to an otherwise earthly textured fall display.
 So throw that fall soirée with confidence.  Your centerpiece décor is on point. Just add some spiced apple cider and leave a bottle of brandy on the counter. Throw another log on the bonfire and rest easy, knowing your guests will be talking of your party all fall long.

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