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Glassblowing Studio and Gallery

In a world often dominated by mass-produced trinkets, blown glass artworks stand apart as soulful, unique creations. These pieces are beautiful, intricate, and speak volumes about the painstaking effort and skill involved. They not only honor an ancient tradition but also carry an air of novelty and innovation. Next time you're looking for a dose of inspiration or merely wish to admire creative brilliance, consider a trip to the best glass gallery in Minnesota.

The Glass Gallery

Blown glass is nature’s version of a shapeshifter – captivating, remarkable, and forever changing. Crafting blown glass items is an art in its purist form– a crescendo of color, creativity, and craft. It's a symphony of the flame, the breath, and the artisan, culminating into a dance of creation.When you're looking at a piece of blown glass, it's almost as if you're gazing at a part of the artisan's soul – a glimpse of their expertise captured in the infinite beauty of glass.

Wash With Style

Check out our collection of housewares to spruce up your kitchen or bathroom!

Pour into the right glass

Each lowball glass is shaped from river rocks collected from local and iconic bodies of water. The idea is for people to drink, hold, interact, and think about their relationships and experiences with their favorite bodies of water.

Memorial Art Glass

Preserve your loved ones with our Infused Cremation sculptures.

Unity Glass Ceremony

Creating beautiful glass from fire is something that is inspiring to many but practiced by few today. Vandalia Glassworks offers a unique option for couples looking to add a spin on traditional unity ceremonies. 

Couple purchase color (frit) through our studio prior to the wedding and mix it together during the ceremony however they chose. Once mixed and returned, the color will be used to create the final piece of your choosing.